Scouts visit to the Recycling Centre

Posted on 26 April 2017

On the 4th April, Scouts visit a Recycling Centre.

The Scout Troop took a trip up to the Buntingford Waste Depot to deliver all the plastic milk bottle containers they’d used to make their Igloos and enjoyed a fascinating tour of the site.

Assistant Scout Leader and Waste Services Manager at East Herts District Council, David Allen had organised the visit for the Scouts and started the evening with a fascinating presentation about how much waste is created in East Herts and how it is managed.

Sonia Cousins, Waste Services Officer and Aaron Folan from Veiola helped to explain how waste is collected, sorted, managed and the importance of recycling. They also highlighted the many other services they provide including street cleaning, commercial and clinical waste, dealing with fly tipping and even managing public toilets.

David was keen to share some very impressive facts and figures about how much waste is collected – over 54,500 tonnes (2015-16) from how many residents (over 60,000). With 51.62% of the waste recycled during that time, the Scouts learned that 27,965 tonnes went to landfill but also over 14,00 tonnes of food and garden waste was processed over the last year.

Before being taken around the site, the Scouts were shown which household items can and cannot be recycled by East Herts andVeiola and in which bins they needed to be put each week.

The team were keen to show the girls and boys their fleet of vehicles and stock of new bins.

The Scouts only spotted a couple of rats as they toured the Disposal Site, but were impressed by the size and scale of the operation and piles of rubbish being processed.

Finally, the Scouts presented David with a huge sack of the crushed plastic milk containers they’d collected and used to make Igloos with over the last few weeks for part of their Creativity Badge.

David, Sonia and Aaron thanked the Scouts and in turn presented them with ‘goodie’ bags to take home filled reusable drinking bottles and other items to help the Scouts think about waste and recycling.

A really interesting and educational visit for everyone. 

For more information about Waste and Recycling in East Herts, please visit

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