New skills and personal challenges for our Forest Beavers

Posted on 3 March 2018

Our Forest Beavers have been working towards their Skills Badge and their Personal Challenge badges this term.

Some of the skills they were learning or perfecting were learning to tie their shoe laces, rolling their Scout necker (scarf), lighting candles safely, cook marshmallows over a candle, tying reef knot – all really useful things for a 6 – 8 year old to know.

Then as one of the requirements for the Beavers to achieve the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, each Beaver needs to complete a Personal Challenge Award.  Each Beaver decides with the help of their leader what their own Personal Challenge will be and if it is something they want to do at home over a period of time. Many of the Beavers completed their Personal Challenges during the Half term break.

The Beavers, and some the Young Leaders, also enjoyed an evening making sculptures of people’s faces with clay.

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